Electronic Dart Board - Your Kids Can Now Play Safely

Published: 02nd May 2012
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Electronic dart boards are increasingly becoming the preferred game when it comes to playing the game of darts. This type of game uses the latest technology to enable automated scoring, to display the scores of multiple players, provide a wider choice of games to play, and sound effects. Most of these dart boards have surfaces that require the use of soft tip darts. These darts are ideal for use by young players because they are safer to use than steel tip darts. Some modern variations have a specially designed surface that is suitable for both steel tip and soft tip darts. With most of these dart boards, a single player can play against the computer. This is a feature that is great for training and improving your skills. Some boards come with a computer which has different skill levels and can also suggest targets for you to hit.

These dart boards usually come with a variety of games for you to play besides standard darts. They come with an average of twenty five different games to play. Some boards come with as much as fifty different games. These boards have generated a lot of reaction especially among dart enthusiasts. Some believe that the new innovation detracts from the game and is an insult to the sport. Others believe that it is a step in the right direction for promoting the game of darts.

The way electronic dart boards work is not quite as complicated as one might assume.
When a dart is thrown and it hits a certain area of the board, sensors located on the board are activated triggering lasers which scan the board. The location of the dart on the board breaks the path of the laser and this enables the sensor to pinpoint the exact location of the dart and to determine what score to give.

One of the big advantages of using electronic dart boards is the safety factor. Traditional bristle boards normally require the use of steel tip darts. These darts are very sharp and having them around children can be dangerous. The darts used with electronic dart boards have plastic tips and are therefore much safer to have around children. By using these soft tip darts, you also avoid damaging your wall with holes when darts go astray. Additionally, the score is automatically displayed on the board.

While there are obvious advantages to using these boards, they also have their disadvantages. One disadvantage is that unlike traditional boards which can be mounted anywhere, these boards require electricity to operate and must therefore be mounted near a power outlet. Some boards are also designed to operate with batteries but using this feature will probably require that you replace batteries on a regular basis, which could prove costly. Also, soft tip darts being plastic , are not as sturdy as the steel tip darts and they have a tendency to break easily. This requires that you have enough spare darts at your disposal.

The price of electronic dart boards will vary according to brand name and the features. There are many different brands on the market and the price you pay will be influenced by the type of features you want in your board. Some advanced features include heckle, optional interactive heckle, voice prompt, score display and multiple player. These are some of the features that have enhanced and distinguished the use of these boards. Having one in your home provides an excellent way to entertain yourself as well as your visitors.

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